On Tuesday Facebook announced it is acquiring Oculus VR, a virtual-reality-headset company for $2 billion. Below are some Analyst reactions on the same, more as they come in.

BofA Merrill Lynch’s Justin Post: Maintained Buy rating and price target at $82

“Following the recent $19bn purchase of WhatsApp, on a near-term basis this deal may cause the Street to revisit concerns on capital allocation. However, on the call, management indicated that the recent rate of acquisitions is not likely to continue. Oculus should add valuable hardware capabilities to Facebook’s strong social platform and we think the deal (which has a very long-term focus) will quickly fade in importance to Facebook investors. We also believe that Facebook’s acquisition spree is being fueled, in part, by confidence in the core business, and we maintain our Buy rating on strong ad pricing growth and video and Instagram monetization opportunities”

Goldman Sachs’ Heather Bellini: Maintained Buy rating and price target at $78

“We view the Oculus acquisition as being in line with Facebook’s focus to enable fast communication and what we see as an emerging strategy to develop applications that can appeal to users outside of the main Facebook app. That said, the long-term vision of Oculus is still unproven (unlike the use cases of the Instagram and WhatsApp deals), though we see Oculus’ technology and Facebook’s mass appeal as key drivers in developing the virtual communication market.”

JP Morgan’s Doug Anmuth: Maintained Overweight rating and price target at $80

“We like Facebook’s longterm thinking around the future of computing, but we also believe there is much to do in the core business and we do not expect Oculus to have any impact on Facebook’s near-term revenue. The acquisition also further emphasizes Facebook’s strategy to acquire innovative companies and let them operate independently, as seen with Instagram and soon WhatsApp. We continue to believe it remains early in Facebook’s mobile and News Feed advertising opportunity and Facebook remains our favorite idea”

Macquarie’s Ben Schachter: Maintained Outperform rating and price target at $73

“We think that FB will focus on long-term potential for virtual reality communications while continuing to work with developers to promote Oculus Rift’s potential for gaming in the near term. Over the long term, we would also expect FB to develop a model to license the IP to others, in addition to also building the hardware themselves so that the many innovative broad uses can develop more quickly”

Piper Jaffray’s Gene Munster: Maintained Overweight rating and price target at $67

“We view the Oculus acquisition as important because of the three major acquisitions it has made (Instagram, WhatsApp, Oculus VR), Oculus appears to be the first that is offensive, or at least not defensive. We believe that Facebook intends to participate meaningfully in the development and future of wearable computers, particularly around vision. While management stated that investors should not expect major acquisitions like WhatsApp and Oculus, we believe Facebook will begin to make more consistent bigger bets on future technologies more similar to Google over time.”

UBS’ Eric Sheridan: Maintained Buy rating and price target at $90

“As we noted on March 10th, our advertiser channel checks suggest that the pricing strength exhibited in Q4 has carried over into early 2014. Moreover, recent advertising deals (e.g., Mondelez & Omnicom) suggest FB is seeing increased traction with brands. In addition, user trends appear robust, with FB disclosing it had surpassed 1bn mobile users (vs. 945mm in Q4) and 200mm Instagram users (vs. 150mm in Sep.) on tonight’s call. As such, we view FB as one of the most compelling risk/rewards in our coverage.”

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